Why WordPress is the Best CRM

07Jan, 2019

We all know the pace at which technology is changing. We are availing benefits of new systems on day to day basis. If a business wants to attain more sales by providing better services to their clients. CRM system is all you need. CRM is one of the most demanding software for flourishing organizations.
With technological development came into working CRM solutions like Hosted solutions are preferable by organizers and business owners. This has given them several opportunities for better security, stability, and maintenance, but they require an ample amount to subscribe.

This particularly creates a drawback for small business owners due to some reasons like over-pricing, a conflict between the service model of CRM solutions and furthermore, the wide variety of features are not appropriate for small businesses.

But all these hindrances are overcome by CRM designed for WordPress, which will make you understand why WordPress is the best CRM.

I am sure you already know what WordPress is. It is an extensive source web technology which helps people to create websites in the most easier way ever. It has probably changed the web industry. Now any solution on your own website is absolutely possible. This has become a boon solution for small and mediocre business owners. There are numerous WordPress CRM solutions accessible both free and professional. These solutions provide almost all the features a hosted solution gives you, but they are more affordable and safe.

Let’s learn why WordPress is the best CRM

  • A better-secured data:

Your application should be accountable for your data security. What’s the point of having an information system if you cannot even secure your information. When you are using WordPress based CRM, you get to hold your database to your own server. This probably reduces security ruptures in order to keep your important data safe.

  • Similar interface behind your website:

Basic CRM solutions furnish enriched frontend and appealing segments and features, but at times to can act as a diversion to several users. In contrast, WordPress has the related interface of your own website’s backend.
When you are using a WordPress website,  its common interface becomes usual to you. This is very beneficial when you are working as a site owner and also a CRM agent.

  • Feasible collaborations

Most CRM solutions have fixed number of admins, agents, and users. With CRM solutions mostly the contributors are your CRM agents who carry your business to another level. They provide services such as pre-sales, after-sales and all the assistance. With WordPress, you have the ability to create infinite admins and CRM agents. Further, there is hardly any limitation on the number of users. It helps in the creation of a collaborative platform so that you can work together with your team members and create awesome things.

  • Maintains of single Database:

    When you are using WordPress, you have the freedom to manage your own database, containing data of both your website and CRM solution. It is always easier to back up a single database and restore it rather than multiple ones.  You can hire someone to do so or even maintain it on your own. This is why WordPress is the best CRM.

  • Needs Fewer extensions:

You need to invest a good amount of money in Hosted CRM solutions. Larger enterprises can afford to do so with a lot of contacts. But businesses cannot sustain larger solutions all the time.

This is where WordPress comes to rescue. The core CRM module in WordPress does not need any money, rather you can power up your CRM with various convenient extensions. All of which are very reasonable in price. For this solution, you need to pay only once and use it for the lifetime. It has no monthly fee or deceived charges for additional characteristics.

  • Nil effort required for maintenance

Some CRM  solutions need severe maintenance and the renewal method is complicated. It is more like a monthly expense. But when it comes to WordPress, it is absolutely free and supports every user. If you buy the WordPress extension, you can simply renew the license after 1 year.

  • Customize as you want:

WordPress is an Open Source platform which is easily customizable. You can customize your WordPress as you want, maybe hire a developer. Also, You can expand it anytime which is totally unsuitable for other CRM solutions. Rather, You are forced to use the services they provide.

If you are wondering,
Which is the best CRM customer portal plugin?

WP ERP – That’s why WordPress is the best CRM.
WP ERP is an advanced fully developed  WordPress powered ERP system. It centers around 3 modules – CRMHRM, and Accounting. Furthermore, there are 20+ feature expansions that can promote any business.

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