Top social media trends for 2019

Top social media trends for 2019
07Jan, 2019

This blog will talk about the Top social media trends for 2019, your brand needs to know.

Now when 2018 is over it’s time to start thinking what are going to be the latest trends in terms of content marketing, social media trends, and online management. We are sure that like every other year, 2019 will be just as jammed with new social media features, hurdles, and opportunities.

The idea of social media is meant to revolve around constant changes. It brings out new trends, concepts, and implied rules every year. All these changes are generally progressive and comparatively predictable rather than being unexpected. In this post, I’ll go through the expected social media trends of 2019. Some of them are already here, and growing slowly, but aren’t at full hype just yet. Some are big and booming and expected to get even bigger in 2019.
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Here are the most expected Top social media trends for 2019

  •  Social listening

A business needs to monitor the activity of crawling all the social media platforms and the world wide web. You need to find all the mentions of a brand and other keywords. This can be untagged brand remarks on social media or a reference to industry keywords that evokes the interest to purchase a product. You can specify mentions on blogs, forums, and news sites. So, the prime goal of social listening is customer satisfaction and online reputation management.

We will see an increase in the use of Social listening for these two causes. But the real trend of 2019 will be the use of social media listening particularly for lead generation and social selling. Social media tools are going to introduce features made especially for lead generation.

  • Video content

The demand for video content is rapidly growing every year. There is no doubt in the fact that it will again dominate the market in 2019. Statistics believe that 75% of online content and information will be soon converted to video content.
Who doesn’t know about the hype for live videos? Capturing consumers all over on YouTube, the trend is now moving to conquer Facebook and Instagram. Too at an extent where we are prior notified when someone is going live. Also, keep in mind the target of creating interesting and relevant content, just the way you create content for your blog.

The plus point about is that it’s getting easier to film, maybe on a better production level. The unedited yet authentic nature of live videos seems to attract and engage social media users. Live videos ensure to keep intact the integrity and relevance of a brand. This is a must follow Top social media trends for 2019.

  • Social media Influencers

There are some couple of micro yet significant social media influencers which have become a major trend. We find Instagram stars, Twitter influencers, and YouTube millionaires all around the world web. These people have thousands of followers who make their every post or vlog, popular on the internet. This can also help you to promote your business through micro-influencer marketing.

Micro-influencers exist in a widespread domain and have an influential impact on the audiences. They have a dependable amount of followers who are genuinely interested in what these influencers have to offer.

The bonus point is that these smaller names are not directly targeted by advertisers, making them reliable and down-to-earth. This type of social media marketing has a high potential, soon to be realized in 2019.

  • Personalization

People nowadays are very much updated with their lives on social media. This kind of abundant amount of information which people upload on social media gives an insight into their lives and tastes. This can help business to understand its customer and enhance personalization.

Content can be easily created based on the consumer’s shopping history, clicked links and most important of all their social media posts. So, the deal about this Top social media trends for 2019 is to use customer’s information to provide them a personalized great experience.

  • Messenger Apps

Millions of people use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger all day every day. Also, Facebook is the most popular of all.
A marketer should reach for the audience exactly where they are. So, as a skilled marketer concentrating on marketing opportunities, you’ll need to approach customers at all these social platforms. To make your marketing successful, brands should send their ads in private messages directly to their customers.

You can use messenger apps to communicate directly with your customers, or rather create a Facebook group for drawing individuals into vital communities, as the demand for social interaction is here. Messenger is an extensive way for buyers to connect with a brand.

So, don’t just let these Top social media trends for 2019 to fall upon you without any preparations.
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