Social Media Marketing Lessons Learned in 2018

07Jan, 2019

2018 has been a bustling year in the world of social media marketing. We also noticed a lot of impactful changes. Like major news feed changes and the introduction of exciting new features, social media marketers have surely been on their toes the whole time.

Join us as we reveal on all the relevant lessons we’ve acquired from operating in the social media market for this past year.

How do you run a successful social media marketing campaign?

To achieve success in any field, it’s very important to learn from your mistakes. Above all, it’s important to learn from your experiences. If you wanna run a successful social media marketing campaigns you got to be on your toes and follow the way out from your mistakes. You got to see some useful Social Media Marketing Lessons Learned in 2018.

Also, try out these Useful Ways to prevent social media marketing from draining you up.

Check out some significant Social Media Marketing Lessons Learned in 2018

  • Creativity is the key to success

Social media is a public platform for everyone to use. Therefore, it is always crowded with hundreds of thousands of updates being posted every minute of the day. Hence, Creativity is the sole key if you want to stand out in the crowd. Now, you cannot simply share a simple textual post about your business’s products or services. Marketers need to generate compelling post along with captivating images and videos with the aim to catch the attention of their audience.

If you want to build an online community of customers who are interested in your brand, you need to think out of the box and go beyond your actual offerings. Share exciting, non-promotional content in order to entertain your followers and keep them associated with your brand.

  • Publishing doesn’t end your task.

If you think your job is done just by clicking on publish on a post, you are illusioned. Your job is probably only half done when you publish your post. This is because there are numberless contents posted by a lot of followers and friends. All of them are striving for the same news feed. Therefore, paid advertising is crucial if you want to promote your promotional content on social media.
This is important to generate more and more traffic by attracting more of your audience. Also, the more business makes the use of social media advertising, the more difficult it becomes to obtain the same outcomes operating with the same budget as years before.

  • Don’t hesitate in opting for the plan B

The most important of Social Media Marketing Lessons Learned in 2018 is Nothing is going to be constant. It’s really important to avoid setting social media strategies in stone. Planning ahead is unavoidable, but the plans should be flexible enough to be changed. You got to find ways to handle the changes and make them work for your business. Don’t try to resist them, this is the only way you can get success in digital marketing.

Furthermore, marketers shouldn’t hesitate in trying new things. Go for Ephemeral content and influencer marketing campaigns. They might look intimidating but that doesn’t diminish their capacity to open your business to new opportunities. It helps in driving results and eventually makes your brand more popular.

  • Create User-Generated Content

Researches have shown that social media users are very much influenced witht the User-Generated Content (UGC). Especially, when it comes to images which consumers take when they use a product in their day to day lives. Studies have found that  UGC columns are 28% higher in engagement rate as compared to the standard brand posts. Also, UGC-based ads have 3x greater click-through charges and a 50% cheaper average cost-per-click.

If your business was not into User-Generated Content, It’s never too late. Social media marketing allows you with all the experimenting. Begin with creating and promoting the use of a branded hashtag in order to follow submissions. We have commonly heard of, Coca Cola’s #ShareACoke, Lays #DoUsAFlavor and #LetsDoLunch by Domino’s Pizza. Always get the authoritative permission from the consumer first before posting their images. Don’t forget to give them credit.

  • Resources are worth paying for

One thing that’s constant about social media is, it’s always gonna be crowded and competitive. It will keep growing into an untamable beast, difficult to control. Therefore, it’s essential to fund some paid resources that make the job entirely natural. You can use a social media scheduling software that enables marketers to list content in advance or maybe stock libraries which can give marketers a way to score better quality images and videos. One can also gain from investing in expert social media marketing services.

So, this was all about Social Media Marketing Lessons Learned in 2018. If you need to have  Social Media Marketing Services in Australia Market us now is a reliable digital marketing firm.

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