Obsolete SEO practices you should avoid

08Jan, 2019

This blog highlights some of the most obsolete SEO practices you should avoid.

Wondering how to do good SEO and explore proper SEO techniques that take you further?

To implement result oriented SEO techniques a brand needs to understand some prevailing notions. SEO has been continuously evolving with years. Most of the traditional digital marketing tactics hold to their constant operations, but it is SEO which has drastically changed the functioning of digital marketing. Constant evolutions help in improvement of the web, particularly search.
Yet, the problem arises when you still adhere to the “conventional ways”. Furthermore, keep on using obsolete SEO practices you should avoid in order to improve your brand’s organic search visibility and enforcement.
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Which SEO mistakes have you made or do you see others commit?

So, the basic problem is behind the usage of some of the tactics which certainly served a few years ago, but now simply aren’t as efficient as before. Yet several amateur marketers or small businessman still use these outdated SEO techniques which are nothing but passé. They are highly ineffective and are probably dangerous for the prosperity of your brand.

Let’s learn about some obsolete SEO practices you should avoid for the welfare of your business!

  • Inefficient use of Keywords.

    Even today, the correct and fruitful use of Keywords to attain the maximum traffic and visibility for their brand.

Many marketers tend to use Irrelevant Keyword, probably Targeted in a state of Confusion. Most of the times keywords marketed don’t even align with the content on the page, such kind of disconnect blocks the success of content even when it’s of good quality.

Writing with abundant keyword density would not help anymore. Google no longer depends on keyword density to determine the efficiency of a webpage. It rather uses a multitude of signals to determine search results. The lifeline of your ranking depends upon the content and not on high keyword density.

Another thing is that keyword stuffing cannot help when you are writing for humans and not for search engines. Remember, this may rank your website high, but can never outgrow the real competition. Never use high-volume keywords in order to increase the visibility and direct users to misrepresented content.

  •  Creating content for Robots.

While creating SEO friendly content it’s important to understand that it will be read by humans and not robots. Search engines recognize when you create unnatural content.
Writing for the web does not mean that one should reproduce a subject by its actual name every time it is mentioned, working in variations of the word, assuming that all bases get covered. When users recognize the repeated keywords, in several modified versions, leading to rank well for the keyword variations used. But this won’t do anymore.

Now, Search engines are technical enough to catch repeated keywords, their variations and ultimately everything leading to bad content.

  • Purchasing Links

One of the most obsolete SEO practices you should avoid is buying links. Stop doing it. It used to be a routine practice to simply pay for the high volume of links designating at your site.

You need to understand that domains which are low in quality having numerous backlinks pointing to a website can hinder a website’s health. Also, the backlink demands maintenance and optimization like the websites we oversee. Google simply excels at identifying low-quality sites having an abundance of links out there to send.

Pro tip; Learn the ways to earn links and not pay for building them manually.

  • Article spinning

This practice is commonly done with the use of various software. The black-hat tactic of article spinning basically recreates a content applying new words, phrases, and organization. Such software creates a distort mess of an article while making the same points as the source material.

How could this possibly be effective when a thing produced by a machine will always be inferior to something a human can produce.

  • Anchor Text

If you want to engage the user on your website for a long time, Internal linking is a must. One mostly uses anchor text, an HTML element in order to make the users aware of the type of content they can expect if they click on a link.
Amidst the race of numerous types of anchor text like branded, naked, exact-match and other, some of them have won the race to be the most preferable one. Likewise, In the past, exact-match and keyword-rich anchor have preferred the most for SEO best practices.

Now Google is advanced enough to identify over-optimized content. So, you also need to go back to the golden rule to produce well-constructed and original content. You surely need to focus on this SEO practices you should avoid.

  • Obsolete Keyword Research Tactics

Keywords have drastically changed over time. Way back time the market was loaded with keyword-level data. It allowed brands to see what is accurate for them.

As things changed with time, marketers now need to do keyword research on their own. They need to understand the industry, the competition they have and the geographic region. They do this with the help of Google Keyword Planner. It’s a free tool by Google that gives us data, which was previously unapproachable.

Also, Moz Keyword Explorer tool and SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool are some amazing alternatives you can try.


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