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Lead Generation Service

You must have heard of a phrase “Money is in your list and in the era of digital marketing, the phrase stands very true. Do you know what ‘list’ consists of in this phrase? The ‘list’ consists of the email marketing list. Now, all those users who have subscribed to your emails must be interested in knowing more about your product/service hence, they have subscribed to your emails. As a growth-oriented brand, it’s your duty to pay major focus on these users and convert them into your customers.Lead Generation marketing is the process of finding the users who are interested in your brand and therefore, targeting them

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lead-generation services
lead-generation services

Uses Of Lead Generation

There is a need to perform a different set of actions to target the users who are available on different platforms as the level of mindset of each one of them is different and unique. Eg: A user who is trying to reach you through direct messages will want to directly engage with the founder of your brand and just contacting him/her through landing pages will not be sufficient. Here, you can organize a social media campaign or an offline campaign on a large scale and have a one-on-one interaction with them. Confused as you don’t know how to conduct social media campaigns or LIVE webinars? Don’t worry. Market Us Now is here to help you.

Infact, we do much more than just organizing social media campaigns for you.

 LIVE Webinars

LIVE Webinars are organized to target the leads who are at Acquisition or at the Consideration level right now. They are the users who are interested to know more about your brand and are searching for the ways to equip themselves about your knowledge. With our lead generation services we help a brand to organize LIVE Webinars on various social media platforms.

Newsletters for You

Being a provider of email marketing services, we help you to generate leads in all the ways that considers email marketing services. It includes writing newsletters and targeting the users who regularly comment on your blog posts and social media posts, who engage with your blog posts and social media posts through likes and shares (or retweets). The newsletter unlike LIVE Webinars is released on weekly or bi-weekly basis and it interacts with the user on psychic, emotional and materialistic level.

Sales Lead

Sales leads are lists drawn up based on demographic criteria such as income, age, previous buying behavior or in the case of companies by industry. Sales leads may be cheap, because the lists are generally sold to multiple buyers, but they are not usually opt in leads and quickly get fed up of cold calls from various sources.

B2C Leads

We works as an invisible arm of your sales department to increase productivity and results. Our telemarketers provide you with quality sales leads so that your sales team can focus their time and energy on hot prospects interested in your product or service.

Industrial Sales Lead

Most of our industrial clients have in-house sales teams but they need help jump starting their industrial lead generation programs because old ways of acquiring new customers are no longer effective. We work within your sales process to make it more efficient in generating more high quality leads that your sales team can convert into wins.

B2B Sales Lead

We design Effective B2B lead generation campaigns that are capable to handle the front end of the selling process—to engage potential buyers and build value so a sales rep can pick up the lead without having to start from scratch.

Technology Sales Lead

We generates qualified IT sales leads and appointments for tech companies. We create, launch, and manage targeted campaigns that put your IT solutions in front of people that drive IT buying decisions.

Multi-Level Marketing `{`MLM`}` Leads

We provide multi-touch, multi-channel CRM and marketing automation platform that integrates call center power with lead management, campaign monitoring and lead nurturing.

Lead Generation at Market Us Now

Targeted Lead Generation Service

Our lead generation service helps you to target potential customers from almost every realm that exists in the consumer domain. Following is the list of clients’ types that our lead generation service helps you to target:

  1. Sales leads.
  2. Business sales leads.
  3. B2C lead generation.
  4. Technology sales leads.
  5. Qualified sales leads.
  6. Insurance sales leads.
  7. Telemarketing sales leads.
  8. Automated sales lead generation facility.
  9. Industrial sales leads.
  10. MLM lead generation services.

We have digital marketers belonging from diverse industrial realms thus, they are equipped with the communication skill and expertise to identify the potential users that exist in your industry and to connect and engage with them and convert them.

 Identify potential leads of your brand with our focused lead generation services

Every user who has connected with you directly or indirectly leaves a mark behind, or in business language, we will say he/she leaves the SIGNS behind. One must be smart enough to gauge them and take just the RIGHT action at the RIGHT time. Generally, such types of users are found at the top of the consumer funnel, i.e. at the level of ACQUISITION.

Here’s the list of activities that the users perform at the acquisition level:

  1. Register for your newsletters on your website.
  2. Comment actively on your blog posts and social media posts.
  3. Engage with your activities on social media, on your website and on offline mediums.
  4. Regular visitors of your website.
  5. Followers on varied social media channels.
  6. Subscribe to your blog posts.
  7. Actively engage themselves in your online campaigns.
  8. Try to reach to you through your Twitter handles and their inboxes.
  9. The users who criticize your brand and are logical in their thinking are also your potential leads.
  10. Users who often visit your site but not regularly.
lead-generation services

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