Google offers a new way to pay for display ads

07Jan, 2019

This blog post will share with you all a new way to pay for display ads, offered by Google.

Google Ads is an online advertising program where advertisers pay to promote brief advertisements, service contributions, product listings, video content and devise mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users.

A new way to pay for display ads

Google Ads is now giving advertisers a new way to pay for display ads. Google now gives the option to pay for conversions while using display campaigns.

Pay for conversions rather than clicks.

Through this approach, advertisers are paying for conversions, and not just for clicks. They pay only when someone converts after clicking the ad. This bidding was done on the based of conversions for display campaigns is called ‘Pay for Conversions’.

As per Google, the advertisers will never have to pay higher than their target cost per action (CPA), while using pay for conversions. Also, While using Target CPA with display campaigns advertisers will solely have the option to pay for the conversions.

With this new way to pay for display ads, Google offers an opportunity to use Smart Display campaigns.

A new way to pay for display ads; Eligibility

Furthermore, advertisers cannot use the pay for conversions option only when their account is eligible.

To be eligible to use the pay for conversions, The following provisions need to be fitted:

  • Bidding for offline conversions like Import from click and Store visits are totally prohibited..
  • The CID is supposed to have a conversion delay of about less than 7 days.
  • The account requires to have more than 100 conversions within the last 30 days.
  • Target CPA cannot be more than $200.
  • Also, Pay for conversions doesn’t operate with shared budgets.
  • There are also some undisclosed reasons by Google that can make you ineligible for pay for conversions.

Set up Pay for Conversions:

  • Firstly, You need to sign into your Google Ads account.
  • Then click Campaigns that is on the page menu towards the left.
  • Then select New campaign by clicking on the plus button.
  • Pick Display Network
  • Take on the Drive action goals
  • Then Pick on Create a Smart display campaign
  • Click Continue
  •  You will see the header ‘Pay for’ in the ‘Bidding’ section, then select Conversions.
  • Click Save to continue.

A new way to pay for display ads; Budget

While using the pay for conversions approach, many times advertisers end up spending way beyond than their daily budget allows them to do. Yet, within a calendar month, it has been noticed that advertisers tend not to spend a heavy amount. The amount spent is not more than their everyday budget multiplied by the number of dates in the month.

So, this was all the brief about the new way to pay for display ads introduced by Google.

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