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E-mail Marketing

Why restrict marketing till blogs only? Save something for emails as well. I’m sure you must have got a lot of emails regarding webinars, product launch and you would have received a lot of newsletters as well. A lot of email coupons, email marketing campaigns and product launch invitations must be the ones which you eagerly waited for every week. Am I right?

I have myself subscribed to a lot of digital marketing blogs and I always keep an eye on my emails to check if I have received any new update from them. Not only blogs but also the YouTube channel and my favorite apparel brands. Do you want your users to crave for your product launch or your email marketing campaigns?

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Why Investing Money in Email Marketing Services Is a Great Idea

Email marketing service can be used to draft an information in diverse formats and to fulfill multiple marketing objectives. Want to read about a few of email marketing service benefits? Read below.

  1. It’s Easy to Target Mobile Customers Through Emails.
    Do you know almost 52℅ of US cellphone users access their emails through mobile? And almost 42% of email messages received from retailers are accessed through smartphones and 17% of them on tablets?
  2. Keep Your Customers Informed Through Email Marketing.
    Almost 28% of online shoppers in the US subscribe to brand/product emails just to stay informed. Moreover, as discovered by Loyalty 360, 59% of US residential Moms subscribe for email updates by brands just so that they can earn rewards offered by those brands.
  3. You Can Drive Online and Instore Sales with Email Coupons.
    Have you ever subscribed to email letters to save money? As per the study by Nielson, it has been found that 27% of online shoppers in US subscribe to emails by stores or products to save some money. And why won’t they? They get access to email coupons that they can use in grocery shopping. As per, 64% of users in US have taken a print out of email coupons.

Are you still wondering what is in it for you? Well, let me give you one more amazing reason for why you should use email marketing services to generate email coupons.

  • It can turn into a source to generate a good amount of revenue if you are a retailer.
    As most of the users are already keeping an eye on email coupons, it is estimated that by next 5 years, email coupons will reach mobile screens of almost 1bn users. As per BIA/Kelsey, 36.6% of national businesses use email marketing services to promote their brand locally.

Offered Services


We have helped many businesses to generate their lead through beautiful responsive Newsletters.

Email Extractor

We can help you extract the email addresses of potential customers related to your nature of business.

Email Tracking and Management

Stop worries about people not replying your emails. We will notify you when your emails get read or forwarded.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Our team of email marketing experts serves you with wide arena of email marketing features like – many call to action, Different Email templates according to the companies requirement
  2. Our Cost-Effective Email Marketing Services Which Act as a Catalyst for Your Growth
  3. Serving you to Create Result-Oriented Emails
  4. We provide-  An email editor that is easy to use. A user need not to be a coder or an IT expert to use the email editor.
  5. Mobile and desktop friendly emails.
  6. High-quality reporting tools.
  7. Support Automated Emails for you

We have an experience of over half a decade in providing email marketing services. In case you are looking for email marketing services feel free to contact.

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