16Dec, 2018

 Google posts

Google Posts is a new platform of networking introduced by Google which enables organizations to share messages directly with their clients featuring in the local panel on Google search and on Google Maps. It aims to help small businesses to promote their content, events and other business intentions within search results. Therefore Google post is an advanced way through which your business can gain more visibility.

Benefits Of Google Post

How long does a google post last?

Your posts will need an update after seven days because posts do expire after a week. According to google Google Posts gets expired seven days from publishing.
There is also an exception to this rule. About the event based google posts, they are removed after the date of the event.

How do you use google post?

After creating your Google my business account you can use the following steps;

  • First of all, Sign in to your Google My Business account
  • Then, On the left side click “posts”
  • In the main area click on “Write your post”
  • You can add a photograph with some descriptive text
  • To promote your event click on “event”, selecting start and end times
  • Now Select the “call to action” button add include a URL to drive traffic
  • Now you are ready to publish and review

Benefits of Google post

Google posts highlight your business

Google basically helps your business to emerge eventually permitting organizations with more opportunities to connect with their customers. Your google post appears quite instantly, giving an apt amount of real-time feed into the search results for your brand.

Daily and weekly updates

Google posts allow you to customize a campaign with an option to set start and end dates and times, which means it enables you to highlight the latest discounts or deals. So, now you can offer daily or weekly discounts on a service, product or menu item while customizing your campaign.

Standouts your upcoming events

Does your business keep on hosting special events and discounts for occasional holidays or festive season? Google posts attract special attention to your events. occasion posts will remain alive straight up to your occasion day and can be an incredible method to advance an upcoming event inside your Google presence.

Promote Signups 

Google Posts can likewise be used as a way to bring people to your website for specific reasons. For instance, if in case you’re attempting to attract traffic to your landing page for email marketing  or people keen about your new product or service, you can draft a post which would link to that page with a call to action button this can guide and direct people who are finding you through search right to those pages.

Featured Benefits of Google post

Google Posts includes images, has a limited description of 100 to 300 words. It even has a customized call to action button from a predetermined selection of choices. It allows your post to promote a new menu item, detailing about your latest services and make the readers aware product line that you’ve recently introduced.

One should always keep in mind that Google Posts aren’t any medium to replace social media marketing campaigns or blogging, Instead, with the numerous Benefits of Google post, they’ve however become another flexible tool to use and pay attention to a part of your overall marketing campaign. Google post is very useful for Local SEO or Small Business SEO Services.

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