5 Reasons your marketing isn’t working

07Jan, 2019

If you’re not satisfied with your business outcomes, here are some Reasons your marketing isn’t working right for the promotion of your business.

Now we are at the end of 2018, some of you might be evaluating this year’s marketing ventures and calculating plans for the next marketing year. You probably are distressed with some unexpected or disappointing results you got from your marketing. Here are 9 marketing ideas to implement in 2019.

What if your marketing isn’t working like it should?

Seems like it is not always easy to spot accurately what’s going reverse for your marketing strategy.  So, it’s the right time to evaluate every possibility that might be hindering the marketing strategy of your business. Here are some of the most basic Reasons your marketing isn’t working right for your business.

  • Lack of attention

Be honest with yourself – how consistent are you with your marketing?

It is a universal fact that marketing takes time to create its magic. It is the dream of every businessman that his marketing campaign cost less and deliver quick results. Maybe, there are some shortcuts to attain results but you certainly cannot depend on them completely.
For instance: Your company releases a special offer into the market. But do you think such an offer would last for a while if your company hardly have any an existing client base.
A company needs to understand that formation of strategy is the key to perfect execution. A business should have the top target market, with the right moto and the right approach in a critical way.
  • Inadequate Marketing Staff

Experience is known to be the best teacher. So, how can you expect outcomes without experience. Every time you go through dozens of resumes to meet several candidates and make a selection based on the perfect fit of experience and character.
But still, nothing seems like fruitful enough. Maybe one out many Reasons your marketing isn’t working is inexperienced marketing staff.

It is important that marketing activities get completed on time. Not only a task should be effectively done but efficiency is also very significant. It has been observed that marketers don’t have enough experience to push marketing projects to completion. Another difficulty is to find the exact position where someone’s experience lies. Supervision is important because a hired candidate can either get things done, or they can’t. This might be actually treating the growth of your business.

  • Understand your clients

A business should target the right audience. But the job doesn’t end here. It is very important to understand your customers and what exactly they expect out of your business. When customers purchase from you, the steps they got to follow to make the purchase, the issues the prospective customers face while purchasing are probably not well understood.

If you don’t thoroughly comprehend your customer, your marketing attempts will be hindered. You can achieve the desired success rate only when you fully understand your customers. What are all of the causes why a customer doesn’t purchase and hence could run a campaign to address each point. Consequently, the time spent analyzing additional information about your client is always time well spent.

  • Insufficient Brand Awareness

One of the biggest Reasons your marketing isn’t working is low brand awareness. Imagine the situation when no one knows about your existence, How would you increase your sales or gain the trust of potential customers.

Marketers should focus on spreading aloud two messages about your business- who you are and how it’s profitable to do business with you. Most of the times, it’s difficult to measure and attain budget for Brand awareness tactics.  You might lump in brand awareness in addition to your lead generation. You can also degrade your lead generation ROI.  But certainly, you can hardly associate brand awareness activities to sales.

Don’t lose hope to cut all brand awareness tactics. As it will harm your business in the long term. Rather, go for some more effective tactics in this category, so do some research work or consult some marketing experts to discover more. Brands awareness is important to acquire new customers that too at a lower cost.

  • Lack of Customer satisfaction

It has been said that customers speak louder than any advertisement could. so, the Customers who aren’t satisfied don’t refer your product to their friends or colleagues.
Does your company have any prescribed rule to check on your customer’s feedback? Or you simply rely on your gut feeling when you wind up with a customer?
If not, you might have troubled customers that you haven’t acknowledged yet. The problem is they might not share their negative experiences with you, But they will surely share it with other people. It is high time to find a remedy for the situation. Happy customers tend to give referrals. And it won’t be wrong to say that referrals covert faster than any kind of lead. So, keep your customers content to hold your future business growth. Follow some ways to generate more customers Lead Generation in Australia.


If you are unable to find solutions to all these Reasons your marketing isn’t working, don’t worry because you have Market us now for your rescue. Market us now is a reliable digital marketing company with years of experience in satisfying their clients.




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