10 E-commerce SEO tips in 2019

10 E-commerce SEO Tips in 2019
19Dec, 2018

This blog will share 10 E-commerce SEO tips which will help to promote your business.

All you want to know about E-commerce SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a compilation of various techniques which help in generating more organic traffic from sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO is a means of Website optimization which will consequently provide the clients with the friendliest and quickest experience possible. Likewise, E-commerce SEO ensures that your product and service pages emerge among those ten organic search results.
Definitely, there are a lot of pages to be explored. However higher the page number you rank on, the lower the traffic you’ll produce.

You must wonder How can you benefit from this, and moreover, how can this positively impact your E-commerce SEO? Our blog ensures that it would provide you with all the answers you are looking for through all these E-commerce SEO tips.

10 E-commerce SEO tips

  • Choose the strongest keywords.

One should give priority to do some in-depth keyword researches to select the ones that suit your business appropriately. You can also efficiently make use of Long-tail keywords and attain a higher rank. These keywords can draw an adequate amount of traffic you are looking for your website and enhance your conversion rate. Always think your keywords in terms of user’s search plans. You need to understand their queries and what they might be searching for.

Strong Keyword -E-commerce SEO tips

  • Don’t use duplicate Content.

When it comes to E-commerce website, plagiarism i.e copying someones’ original content is considered a crime. E-commerce websites especially dealing with this problem as they deal with a lot of product descriptions. It results that E-Commerce websites present product descriptions that issue on many diverse websites. Also, filter options can lead to copied content issues because they produce different URLs with the alike content.

  • Comprehensive product descriptions.

Your product description should be eye catchy. This will help to increase your conversion and will have a  great impact on them. Always remember that you should avoid using the manufacturer’s product descriptions. You need to keep your product descriptions different and interesting. To make your product description Google friendly choose relevant keywords for them.

  • Optimize the product images.

Images are an important part of E-commerce. It depends upon images because it triggers their sales. Your pictures must be exceptionally qualitative, compelling and unique. An exceptional image won’t suffice when you have to bots to find them. Pictures have an incredible SEO potential as Google Images’ list items can drive a great deal of traffic back to your site. So, ensure that you fill your ALT tag and description with unique keywords.


  • Optimization of URL

This is an essential one among the E-commerce SEO tips. You need to Optimize your URL for search engines traffic.  Optimized URLs will help search engines’ bots in finding your website and furthermore know about it. It also smoothes your website indexation.
Effective URLs can notify your visitors what your page is going to be about to make their experience better. A satisfied user will stay on your website for long and have a higher chance to convert into clients.

  • Monitor your traffic converting into sales.

While growing your traffic you’ll also need to convert the traffic into sales. It is an essential E-commerce SEO tips. Do keep checking if your regular visitors are converting into paying customers. You can use Google Analytic to examine your traffic to look for betterment. Likewise, You can also see from where your traffic comes from, the tools used, conversions created through SEO, etc.

  • Break the chance of broken links.

You need to offer the most ideal experience to your website visitors. No visitor wishes to click and see “Page 404 Not Found”. So, make sure your website doesn’t have any broken links. You can keep on checking and detect if you have 404 issues. Having a lot of these issues can be a trouble for your business.

  • Canonical Tags.

An E-commerce website should always have pages with similar content. For instance:  If you have a product in orange, Blue and purple colors then you may have three distinct pages which have comparative content with only a slight contrast of colors.
In this way, you have to reveal to Google that these pages may appear to be alike yet are different. Utilizing rel Canonical tag will assist you with managing your copy content.

  • Follow up Google’s Mobile-First Index.

In 2018, Google started monitoring your website’s mobile version order to decide your rank. Google also checks desktop version for your site. In this Era of smartphones where more and more people are preferring mobiles, the majority of your traffic is drawn from mobile phones. Hence, you need to have a website which works easily on mobiles. Make your online shop active and mobile-friendly.

  • Optimize your Homepage.

Ensure that your home page has links to your product pages and never do excessive inter-linking. Focus on simplicity. You can use engaging banners and sliders for your products. Attach ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ page in the footer itself. Also, Optimize your search box to get your products easily available.

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